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Brand Influence by Design

As we navigate through the world, we are constantly being influenced by subtle design tactics that most of us aren’t even aware of. These branding tactics can be found everywhere – in the layout of your favorite store, the colors of a pop-up ad, or even the design of your favorite app. But it’s not just about understanding these principles. It’s about considering the ethics behind their use, questioning the motives, and equipping ourselves to recognize and resist manipulation.

All content directed and written by John Mauriello. John Mauriello has been working professionally as an industrial designer since 2010. He is an Adjunct Professor of industrial design at California College of the Arts.

Time stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:08 BS Continuum
1:38 Information Asymmetry
3:29 Emotional Alchemy
4:56 Tropical Storm: Visual Signaling
7:30 Seller Reputation & Trustworthiness
9:20 Category 1: The Debt of Kindness
11:41 Category 2: Follow the Herd
15:57 Category 3: Obey Authority
18:58 Category 4: The Deception of Exclusivity
22:41 Category 5: Misguided Loyalty
28:40 Brutally Honest Manipulation
31:43 Creating Meaning
33:32 Education vs Manipulation
36:58 What’s the Most Manipulative Brand?

How Does Bad Design Affect Your Business?

Damages your credibility: If you are a serious business, but your website is crowded with animation, stock photography, and other virtual clutter, you are not sending a professional message.

Make you look out of touch: A website you do not update frequently does more than hurt your SEO. A dated website tells your customers you are behind the technological times, or worse that you do not care enough to keep updated.

Costs you customers: Every time a customer navigates away in frustration – because of broken links, complex forms, or too much navigation – it is unlikely you will see them again. If your competitor offers the same services in an intuitive website design, your loss is their gain.

Read more here: The Real Effects Of Bad Web Design

Basquiat Painting Is Sold for $110.5 Million

“Untitled,” a Basquiat painting from 1982, sold for $110.5 million at Sotheby’s auction on Thursday night. Its the sixth most expensive work ever sold at auction. Only 10 other works have broken the $100 million mark.

“He’s now in the same league as Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso,”

bought by a Japanese billionare.

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