Evolution in Responsive Web

Thanks for making this video Juxtapossed. I come from the early days if the internet. I remember creating from raw html. and then learning css. all self taught. and then getting discouraged when javascript took over. lets skip the entire flash era.. and as time progressed so did the tech in web. always evolving and changing. but recruits and employers were always new for some reason. they just never understood that the web, ux/ui, digital design game still has not yet been perfected and still to this day screen layout and design is improving little by little. these recruits only cared to see a diploma from some overpriced institute but the school programs could never keep up with this evolving tech. once you get your degree the whole web has moved onto new queries and command lines, new tools and platforms. you just have to keep up on your own or else you will get phased out. this market keeps bringing new fresh young talent but then they fade away. it seems like only people who are disciplined in constantly learning and staying self motivated to keep up become the long term career folks. web is like a trend. they styles and textiles and designs and tools keep changing. and forecasting these trends and staying ahead or at least current in the trends goes a long way. we’ve not perfected responsive design for 2D screens and already we are entering a virtual 3D layer, a new medium that we will need to adapt to and design for. I like keeping up but its going so fast that recruits and employers dont know who or how to hire. because of this i consider changing my career often. as it gets more difficult to find work and ai starts to take over completely with anything that has to do with the web. i think its time to find another hustle.

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