Hello Recruiters!

Its been a lengthy time since Ive looked for work and so you may have ended up here because Ive either reached out to you and applied for some sort of creative freelance work or youve gotten my resume via a rep from a creative staffing agency. Either way.. youre here wondering if I fit the part. Well just fyi… I want to apologize that my portfolio section hasn’t been updated with examples since 2014. so as of now I have a ton (33-35, i’ve counted) of archives to dig up (missing projects that are unaccounted for). I am contemplating just revamping the entire site and making a new one but I dont think I have the time for that at the moment. as of now I am being picky about the jobs I am reaching out for but I am open for relocation to tokyo or singapore or toronto if the job is right. my main interest are remote opportunities so i can work as I go and also still do the things I need to do with artist development in between. unfortunately I live in hollywood and dont want to sit in 3 hour traffic per day just to get to an office thats only about 15-20 miles away (this is LA culture I dont like.) Save your company the cubicle space, parking space, phone line and all the other fees and overhead that costs to have a person in that spot. I am very productive in my own studio set up and dont mind burning the midnight oil to get the work done. I hope that we can communicate on a new working relationship and keep evolving and pushing visual communication ideas. thanks for your consideration and taking the time to stop by!

and to everyone else checking up on here.. if you have a project. idea. dream. or passion with a budget to support my help and input then lets discuss!

How Does Bad Design Affect Your Business?

Damages your credibility: If you are a serious business, but your website is crowded with animation, stock photography, and other virtual clutter, you are not sending a professional message.

Make you look out of touch: A website you do not update frequently does more than hurt your SEO. A dated website tells your customers you are behind the technological times, or worse that you do not care enough to keep updated.

Costs you customers: Every time a customer navigates away in frustration – because of broken links, complex forms, or too much navigation – it is unlikely you will see them again. If your competitor offers the same services in an intuitive website design, your loss is their gain.

Read more here: The Real Effects Of Bad Web Design

Basquiat Painting Is Sold for $110.5 Million

“Untitled,” a Basquiat painting from 1982, sold for $110.5 million at Sotheby’s auction on Thursday night. Its the sixth most expensive work ever sold at auction. Only 10 other works have broken the $100 million mark.

“He’s now in the same league as Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso,”

bought by a Japanese billionare.

Busy, Living Life.

Ok. so i completely dropped the ball on the may reboot thing.. FAIL. i thought that going to tokyo would free up time.. but it was the complete opposite. in a good way. came back and things are still jammed. in a good way. i haven’t been able to post up new works in more than two years. this is not good for the site but im ok with it since life takes priority. i guess i will get around to it when i need work. i am also spending a lot of time in my hobbies as well. just wanted to post here and tell you that i am trying. but i am having fun with life at the moment.

RIP to my great friend. Chris Garcia – ALL BLOCKS COVERED. because of your passing and your ability to live life to the fullest, i aim to get myself more motivated in things that will make me happy and free. although i really wish you didnt leave us this way. too many friends and loved ones affected. we had so much ahead of our new projects together. this is a tough loss for me. i hope your legacy will live on forever. if theres anyway to continue the things we set in motion please send over your light and energy. rest easy my friend. ill see you later.

RIP adam
RIP dilla
RIP gark
RIP kendal
RIP pepper
RIP terry

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