how much it costs.

This is never an easy answer. But it’s pretty simple how it works. We work with our clients/friends/mentors based on what their budget is and what they can afford. We will accomodate you to best fit your needs and goals with a reasonable compensation plan. All commissioned work normally is to be payed half upfront for commencement and the other half upon completion. For more creative projects, rates can vary widely bassed on the amount of time and calibre of technical difficulty it will take to achieve your vision. For more managerial and logistics type roles, rates vary on a wide range of factors based on how big your project/operation is and how accessible your budget is to accomplish the completion of the entire project in a timely manner. Depending on how involved or interested we are in the vision sometimes it can inspire us to work for pizza, gatorade and just on the strength of the “bigger picture.” The pricing is personally based on affordability, fairness and mostly for the time, energy and level of difficulty we will put in.

If you are interested in working together and want to get a ballpark figure, then the first step is to just contact us and simply address your inquiries. We will then correspond back and forth until we’ve gathered enough information to shoot you some fair numbers. It really always starts from just reaching out with an idea or dream.

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