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In 2005 I was a Senior Video Technician at Deluxe Digital Studios in Burbank, CA. Basically we were a big part of launching movies for people to watch on Netflix online, iTunes and other digital video outlets. I assisted in the development and creation of a new department called DTO (Download To Own) specializing in compressed downloadable quality media. Digitizing and capturing audio and video from Digi Betas, D5s and other elements for various tv/film releases. Prepare video file for encoding by de-interlacing, matte cropping, and concatenating edited screen prompt intros. Encoding mezzanine master files in WMV or MPG formats and transcoding down to other various streams and formats for delivery.  Managing and maintaining capture bays, encoding station, and storage area networks. Linear pass Quality Control as well as real time monitoring of audio and video for QC. Training of new DTO members and temporary QC reviewers. Testing, implementing and contributing design improvements for in-house software and the development of an automated encoding system. In-depth ability with Digital Rapids video encoding hardware and software as well as numerous video codecs. Clients for this Project include Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and Wal Mart. A wiki description of DTO can be found HERE.

Deluxe has been providing encoding services for digital distribution since November 2005 thru our Digital Distribution Group, and have assisted many content providers with reaching milestones in the digital distribution frontier. We currently deliver content to over 40 distributors worldwide. The capturing of HD or SD material from physical or electronic format to create pristine digital mezzanine files, then create transcodes from those master files into any format and bit rate for secure delivery to various portals by using the most advanced tools available, including many proprietary tools built by our in house programmers. The goal has always been to deliver high quality digital files in a myriad of different formats and packaging to end users 24/7 while keeping our standard of Deluxe customer service at the highest level in the industry by anticipating our clients’ needs for the expanding digital market.

More information on Deluxe Media Services can be found HERE.

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