Busy, Living Life.

Ok. so i completely dropped the ball on the may reboot thing.. FAIL. i thought that going to tokyo would free up time.. but it was the complete opposite. in a good way. came back and things are still jammed. in a good way. i haven’t been able to post up new works in more than two years. this is not good for the site but im ok with it since life takes priority. i guess i will get around to it when i need work. i am also spending a lot of time in my hobbies as well. just wanted to post here and tell you that i am trying. but i am having fun with life at the moment.

RIP to my great friend. Chris Garcia – ALL BLOCKS COVERED. because of your passing and your ability to live life to the fullest, i aim to get myself more motivated in things that will make me happy and free. although i really wish you didnt leave us this way. too many friends and loved ones affected. we had so much ahead of our new projects together. this is a tough loss for me. i hope your legacy will live on forever. if theres anyway to continue the things we set in motion please send over your light and energy. rest easy my friend. ill see you later.

RIP adam
RIP dilla
RIP gark
RIP kendal
RIP pepper
RIP terry

A look back at westfield brand studio

this was a nice place to work at until someone came around to ruin the vibe. mostly enjoyed the view up on the 52nd floor. they had nice perks and amenities. the courtyard always had lots of good looking people around. shout out to caa and some friends and artists i ran into over there. fun times at happy hour friday’s. good people. good $. good experience.

lets explore… YY Records

alright lets explore the logo process and treatments that lead to what is now the yellow year records music label logo. this project was commissioned by Prefuse himself and had a pretty tight deadline. thanks to my long time friend daphne for referring me as a solution in his ever search for a brand identity.

there was a second and third round on the focus of a few from the sheet. and ultimately all came down to the first logo at the top left. was a fun project for me. i hope it will go a long ways for them!

First logo of my career

Alright so i thought this might be an interesting entry. .. first ever commissioned logo was for producer / director.. Mr. Steve Vanasco…. whom now is widely known famous photographer @vanstyles and brand owner of V/SUAL Apparel. Crazy right? in the past few years he’s reinvented himself and is doing beyond well for himself through his art and brand. Its good to see how far he’s gotten.


Anyway, this logo was created in 2004. 10 years ago. completely inspired by Slum Village’s logo at that time. hahaha damn. his updated identity is obviously much better and current. dont judge me.


Hello and thanks for visiting. this will be a new and exciting renovation for turbograffix.com.

i will attempt to use this section for more convenient updates of ideas, inspirations, works in progress, and all things that go on in the world and mind of TG.

its tough to constantly update this portfolio site, so this will be a new approach to dismantling and displaying my portfolio but also showcasing ideas and experiences.

there will eventually be a more thorough standardized default portfolio section as soon as i can find the time to curate and track down note worthy works. theres many and i am my own worst critic so getting that section down will be quite a process.

the old site can be accessed here but the content of workpieces are just way too outdated and it was time to move on and let it go and try something new.

anyway thanks for stopping by!

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