lets explore… YY Records

alright lets explore the logo process and treatments that lead to what is now the yellow year records music label logo. this project was commissioned by Prefuse himself and had a pretty tight deadline. thanks to my long time friend daphne for referring me as a solution in his ever search for a brand identity.

there was a second and third round on the focus of a few from the sheet. and ultimately all came down to the first logo at the top left. was a fun project for me. i hope it will go a long ways for them!

here we go

finally got some more current stuff up.. but something is still missing. doesn’t feel complete to me yet. for some reason this site is set up to only add up to 10 portfolio examples. which for some cases doesn’t fit all the work i’ve done for the client. also haven’t really figured out how i should showcase media projects i’ve done.. anyway this is all for another day. i hope at least i can keep this site up for a while. i chose to stop at 60 portfolio entries. im most likely going to change things again. ugh

anyway, heres something from the archives that i came across
Logo i made in 2011 for a non meat eating community project. although i eat meat. haha

Portfolio progress

this is a gruesome task but someones gotta do it. im about half way through now. going through hard drives and emails. still need to put things in timeline order as all my old works just seem really ugly to me but i want to include them as they’ve now become either rich, big and or successful. i definitely dont want that ugly work at the top though. just keep it here for credit purposes.

i am also coming across tons of incomplete or ventures in progress… will they happen or not. but anyway i will use this news portions to explore the works that didn’t make the portfolio cut.

for example this here. pretty nice i think. would be nice to see this get somewhere. hrmm.

well anyway, back to completing this portfolio nightmare. best.

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