A look back at westfield brand studio

this was a nice place to work at until someone came around to ruin the vibe. mostly enjoyed the view up on the 52nd floor. they had nice perks and amenities. the courtyard always had lots of good looking people around. shout out to caa and some friends and artists i ran into over there. fun times at happy hour friday’s. good people. good $. good experience.

super slow holidays

always really slow during the holidays in freelance universe. and then it usually doesn’t even pick back up till march.. after new years it takes a bit of time for budgets to get worked out and get back into the grind of things. but it will be the 10 year anniversary for TURBO GRAFFIX and i would like to in some way commemorate or celebrate in some manner. i will probably do another re-haul of this sites portfolio content. thinking of offering celebratory prices on wordpress websites for friends and family – referrals only.

damn… 10 years.. freelance.. with off and on fulltime gigs.

being able to touch a lot of ideas in its birth / start up phase and now seeing how far they’ve gotten. yea.. might have to do some re-cap case studies on those in 2016.

not sure what this entry provided you as a reader but for me it was just to say something to keep this place alive. …

i will be in tokyo for the entire month of april. hopefully planets can align for me out there.

see u soon.

First logo of my career

Alright so i thought this might be an interesting entry. .. first ever commissioned logo was for producer / director.. Mr. Steve Vanasco…. whom now is widely known famous photographer @vanstyles and brand owner of V/SUAL Apparel. Crazy right? in the past few years he’s reinvented himself and is doing beyond well for himself through his art and brand. Its good to see how far he’s gotten.


Anyway, this logo was created in 2004. 10 years ago. completely inspired by Slum Village’s logo at that time. hahaha damn. his updated identity is obviously much better and current. dont judge me.

First time using pen tool

Heres a blast from the past. just got a new mac and illustrator. i wanted to trace and draw something. so naturally you teach yourself…


first time using illustrator pen tool and learning how to use curves. haha

peace to marie and trisha. and yes, i know theres the lame lens flare thing going on but dont judge me.

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