Hello Recruiters!

Its been a very long time since Ive looked for work and so you may have ended up here because Ive either reached out to you and applied for some sort of remote creative freelance work or youve gotten my resume via a rep from a creative staffing agency. Either way.. youre here wondering if I fit the part. Well just fyi… I want to apologize that my site here hasn’t been updated with examples since 2014. so as of now I have a ton (33-35, i’ve counted) of archives to dig up (missing projects that are unaccounted for) and put them all up on here to freshen my portfolio section. I am contemplating just revamping the entire site and making a new one but I dont think I have the time for that at the moment. as of now I am being picky about the jobs I am reaching out for but I am open for relocation to tokyo or singapore if the job is right. my main interest are remote opportunities so i can work as I go and also still do the things I need to do with artist development in between. unfortunately I live in hollywood and dont want to sit in 3 hour traffic per day just to get to an office thats only about 15-20 miles away (this is LA culture I dont like.) Save your company the cubicle space, parking space, phone line and all the other fees and overhead that costs to have a person in that spot. I am very productive in my own studio set up and dont mind burning the midnight oil to get the work done. I hope that we can communicate on a new working relationship and keep evolving and pushing visual communication ideas. thanks for your consideration and taking the time to stop by!

and to everyone else checking up on here.. if you have a project. idea. dream. or passion with a budget to support my help and input then lets discuss!

Portfolio progress

this is a gruesome task but someones gotta do it. im about half way through now. going through hard drives and emails. still need to put things in timeline order as all my old works just seem really ugly to me but i want to include them as they’ve now become either rich, big and or successful. i definitely dont want that ugly work at the top though. just keep it here for credit purposes.

i am also coming across tons of incomplete or ventures in progress… will they happen or not. but anyway i will use this news portions to explore the works that didn’t make the portfolio cut.

for example this here. pretty nice i think. would be nice to see this get somewhere. hrmm.

well anyway, back to completing this portfolio nightmare. best.


Hello and thanks for visiting. this will be a new and exciting renovation for turbograffix.com.

i will attempt to use this section for more convenient updates of ideas, inspirations, works in progress, and all things that go on in the world and mind of TG.

its tough to constantly update this portfolio site, so this will be a new approach to dismantling and displaying my portfolio but also showcasing ideas and experiences.

there will eventually be a more thorough standardized default portfolio section as soon as i can find the time to curate and track down note worthy works. theres many and i am my own worst critic so getting that section down will be quite a process.

the old site can be accessed here but the content of workpieces are just way too outdated and it was time to move on and let it go and try something new.

anyway thanks for stopping by!

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